Hello, This is the first post. I am starting not to slowly, but also not to fast.  To rush is to die for ( what they said ). Also I work hard so I can play hard. Most updates will be published on weekly, but sometimes on monthly basis. All sugestions, comments, tips are welcomed. Feel free to contact me at any time. Cheers! Tomislav Šeremet

We are back on track

      That flu week was indeed a backtrack for my guideline. Had to work 2x times this week to make it up and produce a little bit more. By more I mean downloading part of small clips for video content and zips full on funny and interesting images.     For right sidebar I have decided that Followers and Statistic section will divide one group. For that sidebar needs to be wider 25px. Privacy Policy and Report abuse will also be in one section - it's more convinient that way and easier to navigate on blog.

Stuck in a flu week

      Missing a weekly post isn't my way to take things seriously when trying to achive something. BUT, flu is more powerful than most of my ideas and their execution. Not much to say for this time, but I'm almost fully recovered.     So everything that was said to be done last time is scheduled for next week. One positive part is that content is growing in my external HDD. It's just waiting the right moment, after basic tech is finished.

Documentation is strong

      Too much information is giving me a slight headache. So this week was in sign of documentation. Almost 5 hours to gather everything in 5 Word docs. and 3 Excel sheets. F rom those 8 docs. almost 33% was made for my Profile blogspot. So this is becoming important and significant part of my routine.     To finish this post with some further steps and to mention those that were already made. Footer and header are looking good now, 2 details to repair. The sidebar needs to be populated with useful content.

We are almost complete

    Another week has passed and October has begun. Part of my daily routine is now leaf trimming and garden cleaning. Besides of that, in our tech. section these categories have been finished: Design Documentation Content gathering     Follow us in new adventures where we make pages, sort our content and spread the word of our little project.

We are in a hurry now

      This is speed I like when we do things the right way. According to my calculations, this is 5th week of this little project. Many adjustments have been done so far, but more too come ( I say this every time ).     First page is mostly full with content, not more to be done for positioning of objects. Few new pages to categorize things better. There are 7 social profiles, 1 more certainly to add - . I have just now realized how much it grew in the past year. See you in a week.